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Can Doppelganger find duplicate accounts for me?

If you know about a customer that presumably has duplicate accounts, Doppelganger can help find these. On the details page of the customer you can find a list of possible duplicate customers.

We're working on a feature that will scan your customer base and find duplicate accounts.

How do I change the main account after I already linked them?

Doppelganger doesn’t currently provide an easy way of changing the main account after you’ve already created a group of linked accounts. We’ve put it high up our to-do list and we’ll work on a proper way of doing this as soon as possible.

In the meantime, the only way of changing the main account is to unlink the entire group and link them all together but now marking another account as the main account.

The easiest way of unlinking all linked accounts is to visit the detail page of a duplicate account and click “Unlink” on the main customer in the list of linked customers. You’ll be prompted with a popup which you can confirm and then all account will be unlinked. You’re now free to link all accounts again.

How safe is it to share my customer data with Doppelganger

At Doppelganger, we don’t store any customer information on our own servers. The information about what account is linked to what account is stored in metafields on the customer itself inside Shopify’s database. Doppelganger requests and displays information while you as a user are visiting pages of the app.

As with any other app, Doppelganger only adds an extra point of entry to the Shopify database but Shopify has strict rules to guarantee a secure connection between Shopify and any app. Doppelganger complies to these rules and is very secure in that aspect.

Is Doppelganger compliant with GDPR regulations

The only relatively sensitive data that Doppelganger stores is the email address on which your Shopify store is registered. This data is stored securely and only used by Marquee Development employees for communication purposes. This data is removed as soon as you uninstall Doppelganger.

As this data, the email address, is freely provided by you when installing the app, Doppelganger is fully compliant with GDPR regulations.